March 26, 2010

Enzyme Administering to Infants

When it comes to giving enzymes to your infant or toddler there are a couple of things to keep in mind.  First off, I don’t care what the pharmacist or pharmacy tech thinks is the prudent way to administer enzymes.  You can’t use formula. Its properties don’t lend itself well to your child. The chemical makeup of the formula will actually break down the enzymes. Also, I think if you just try to use formula you’ll notice right away that it can’t hold the enzymes without clumping. Good luck getting that through a syringe and into their mouth. My favorite solution is apple sauce.  The acidity of the apple sauce doesn’t mess with the enzymes. It works the best, but if they don’t like it, banana or pear baby food works just as well. Make sure all are stage 1 though.

Don’t worry about age. Many children with Cystic Fibrosis begin taking enzymes with foods at weeks of age.

“Ditto on the applesauce... Maggie's been taking her enzymes that way since she was 3 weeks old.”- Nancy, mom to Maggie, DDF508, born 1/10/09

On to the how-to, here you have a couple of options to try. The process really takes some getting the hang of and a little bit of trial an error. So, first off you can try opening the capsule and sprinkling it on a small amount of applesauce positioned on the tip of the baby spoon. This is where their being hungry helps as well as some classical conditioning. Just be patient. Otherwise, you can always revert back to the syringe approach.  You may want to mix in a little water with the concoction this go around. The 60 ml syringe has been said to work best given the larger size of the tip.