March 26, 2010

Thanks to The University of Edinburgh

Thanks to the efforts of the University of Edinburgh, there will soon be a DNA test that can determine the possibility of developing certain diseases.  The test is accurate, fast, and inexpensive. This test could be performed by using just a drop of saliva. Science allows us to pinpoint the vital code segments along the DNA chain which are responsible for the development of certain diseases. Just a little omission here or difference in the code can show whether a person is a risk or has a serious life-threatening condition like cystic fibrosis. The speed and accuracy of this test will bring about much faster and more suitable treatment.

Dr Juan Diaz-Mochon from the University of Edinburgh said that, “This technology offers a speedy, cost-efficient alternative to existing methods of DNA analysis. The market for DNA testing is quickly expanding as it becomes more affordable. Our method could help reach the goal of complete genome analysis in a few hours for less than $1000”. Traditional DNA tests used to determine and diagnose used enzymes. This type of test is much more expensive. This could also equate to decoding the entire human genome.